Monday, December 6, 2010

A Serving of Sarcasm this Holiday Season

Amy Sedaris, America's most unconventional hostess, has brought us her second published work,
Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People, because "being poor is a wonderful motivation to be creative".

Her first book, I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence, is a graphic delight. Full-color, mixed-media illustrations combined with hysterical photoshoots of Amy herself—it somewhat resembles what I imagine the 1950s on crack to be like. The book is primarily recipes and party tips but in the back she crammed a short crafting section—"Pantyhose, Crafts and Good Ideas". I'm thrilled she's released a second book, which devotes more specific attention to crafting, serious or not.

I haven't had a chance to pick the book up yet. But I have no doubt it will be a visual masterpiece. And with sections like "Crafting for Jesus" and "Unreturnable Gift Giving" the content is sure to be golden as well.

David Sedaris also has a new book out this year,
Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk, which is a collection of fables. I'm a little less excited about this than his typical books, as talking animals aren't really my thing, but for a Sedaris fan, the collection wouldn't be complete without it.

So if you're looking for last minute Christmas gifts, perhaps the Sedaris family can help you out!


  1. I just heard an interview where she was promoting this book. My favorite part was her telling about the time she bought a fat suit, but only the bottom half because she didn't have enough money for the whole thing.

    It was much funnier hearing her tell it...

  2. So I just got my very own copy of Simple Times. Merry Christmas me! Thanks amanda!
    Let that be a lesson to all of you, anytime I give great gift ideas on my blog, you should really note them as "suggestions". :)