Friday, December 24, 2010

A Holiday Message from fivefeettall

I never finished this year's holiday card.
I had a lot of good intentions and a lot of great ideas for my 2010 holiday card. It’s just... nothing ever came to BE (what exactly was I doing all summer long??) But 2010 was a weird year—I said it back in January before I really knew how weird it was going to get. If only I had known.

A few hand-picked, censored, politically-correct 2010 highlights:

Learned that I have a reckless love for sledding. And, for the record, regardless of weight or grace, my sled will go farther than yours.

Flew 20+ hours to Thailand to ride an elephant and snuggle with a tiger. Don't believe me? Check out the photo evidence.

Got Branded. Registered fivefeettall as my business name and literally branded myself. Check out the world's smallest tattoo!

Stopped eating meat. And yes that includes hamburgers. And no I haven't cheated. Curious as to why? I find Paul McCartney very convincing. Do you?

"Retired". Left my day job and discovered the sweetness of doing nothing.

Spent my birthday week in Chicago (Pitchfork Music Festival) and Ann Arbor (Michigan Brewer's Guild BeerFest.)

Enjoyed the second annual ArtPrize. Got involved and hosted an artist.

Sold out. Took my first corporate job.

Started a new Thanksgiving tradition. A feast sans meat.

After 12 years, gave away the keys to the Escort and bought a new car. Here's the Chevy all shiny and new.

Here's to an even weirder and more memorable 2011. Happy New Years everyone!

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