Saturday, October 9, 2010

Blood-shot and Frazzled?

My blog postings for the last month have become increasingly scattered and infrequent. Rest assure this is nothing to do with lack of interest, but rather lack of sleep.

Being busy is always a good thing for a designer, and this designer isn't complaining. Luckily I was born nocturnal. For this week's Weekminds challenge I actually celebrated my exhaustion by hailing the Flailing Insomniacs as my personal mascot:

"Dressed in multi-colored argyle and clashing patterns because a). they haven't had time to do laundry and b). they got dressed in the dark. Hair, clearly uncombed; eyes, blood-shot and frazzled. They have two sets of arms to make multi-tasking easier!"

Its not totally unlike the Ugly Ex-Boyfriend VooDoo Doll I made several years back for my friend Sarah, post break-up!

Be sure to take part in this week's Weekminds task by designing your own Aol. homepage corner. Submissions will be uploaded Wednesday evening, 10.13.10. Send photos to

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