Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Channeling My Inner Monkey

Ever since completing Year 1 of Weekminds, where I made a monkey a week for a year, I've been unintentionally obsessed with monkeys.

I see them everywhere. And I don't know if monkeys are simply in right now, or if I simply never noticed their presence before, but clearly I'm not the only person that's obsessed.

While at Schulars Books downtown last week (shop local!) I stumbled across Monkey Mints: banana flavored mints that come in a monkey head tin.

I took a picture so I could share the cute little tin with you. But the photo was all blurry so I turned to Google to help me find a cleaner one.

Once again, Google gave me more than I bargained for, and boy, am I grateful.

Robot Room discover Monkey Mints on Archie McPhee's website, and writes: "Although we were disappointed to discover that the mints are not made with real monkey, the amusing metal candy container is still worth the purchase price. In fact, the container is so much fun that it deserves to come to life as a robot."

Um, awesome?

This is what makes the internet so awesome—People with too much time on their hands! Check it out, Robot Room even includes a video:

If you're feeling a little bored this evening, visit Robot Room's site for instructions on
how to make your own monkey head tin robot or on other robots for beginners.

Go Bananas.

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