Sunday, August 8, 2010

Stache Love

A few weeks back I wrote about the cupcakes growing popularity. This weeks trend watch is on facial hair. That's right. Mustaches are back*.

I was rather appalled this morning when I realized that I have yet to mention French Paper via my blog. French is a mill out of Niles, Michigan and what I love about French, in addition to their paper, is their promotional pieces.

Last year they played up the idea of specking paper by giving out paper specs. This year, they're celebrating 6 generations of staches.

But the French Paper Stache certainly isn't the first stache sighting I've taken note of recently. Some other stache trends I've noticed:

Top row: 1. Mustache mug from Paper Source. 2. This character was wandering around Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago a few weekends back. 3. And he was giving out temporary tattoos of his likeness. Bottom row: 4. Bride and groom under the stache spell. 5. Mr. Moustache Pillow with interchangeable velcro staches. 6. Even my nude troll friend has decided to jump on the trend train!

Please note: this is not a commentary on whether you should or should not shave your upper lip. It's merely an observation on a pattern. As far as staches in design and on product go, I give it a thumbs up. However to anyone considering sprouting a furry facial friend, provides this warning. Perhaps consider a finger stache instead.

*Back AGAIN actually. Click here to read about it's other recent resurgences.

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