Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Secret Life of This Designer

This quilt won the Youth Best in Show at the State Fair in 2001. After completing the 25 squares necessary and sewing them together, I said I would never make another quilt. And I haven't But it looks stunning in my carrot orange room!

Little known fact about me—I've got wicked embroidery skills.
I don't get a chance to do much needlework anymore, but whenever I do, I'm reminded how much I like it.

Here's a piece I completed this past week for a friend. It was based on her wonderful chalk work done back in June at the GR Chalk Flood.

If you're interested in doing some embroidery, here's a book of stitches I highly recommend.


  1. What would you call that thing you made for me? A mini-quilt? Whether it's a quilt, mini-quilt or none of the above, it certainly adds to the ambiance of my dining room :)

  2. oh that's right, that was definitely post 2001. Let's call it a wall hanging!