Friday, July 9, 2010

Colors that Grow on You

Paint is the cheapest and boldest statement you can make within a home. I'm not entirely sure what my house is saying, but whatever it is, it's loud. This past month, I painted my basement what Menards dubbed "Highlighter". It's yellow. Fantastically bright yellow.

I realized in the midst of this project that a perk to making bold paint choices is that you end up with a collection of beautiful rollers and stir-sticks. Over the course of the 3.5 years that I've now lived in my home, I've made some bold color choices. And I can confidently say, that I've had no regrets.

I think my most daring move, in regards to paint, was in the apartment I lived in prior to this house; where I painted one wall "Jazz", a hot shade of fuchsia. Across from it, over the length of the mocha wall, I applied a 6-inch wide stripe of shiny, gold paint. I wasn't in that apartment long, but leaving that fuchsia wall was the saddest part of moving.

So I encourage you, next time your perusing paint chips at your favorite hardware store, step away from the taupe, the tan, the eggshell, and pick up the chips that would make your mother shudder. My mother certainly cringed the when I announced my bedroom was going to be "Carrot Cake".


  1. Love it!! I just painted my guest room...which is of course a very nice shade of green (gotta support my Spartans!!). The bathroom is a very loud'd be proud!! ;-) ~Mulligan

  2. That's what I like to hear! You should share pictures!

  3. are you doing anything with the stir-sticks and rollers? there must be an awesome project in there somewhere.

  4. I've always wanted to paint a wall some crazy color, but I chicken out every time reasoning, "I'll move again soon so it's not worth it." The graffiti wall in the bathroom is a good step though...

  5. You can't see it in the posted picture, Bethany, but I painted the stairs frame with that chalkboard paint— —inspired by your graffiti wall. Albeit, a little more temporary graffiti!

    And Denise, I've saved all the sticks, but right now they just stand in a bucket as decoration. Kinda like a mod bouquet of flowers!